is changing tacks (& tactics).

Sept 24th, 2018

In late 2016, we ambitiously set out to surface every opportunity to run for office we could find, with the ultimate goal of building the bench of progressive candidates. On that first front, we pretty damn well killed it. We take enormous pride in our work of recruiting hundreds of candidates to run for office, and we're grateful to everyone who answered the call, and stepped up to run. We also want to extend our congratulations to everyone who won in 2017, and to everyone who is hoping to bring home win this election season: we are rooting for ya.

But that latter, bigger goal proved a bit more elusive. And along the way, we also learned that building a bench for the long haul is going to necessitate an evolution in what we do. And we too feel compelled to answer that call. And we are going to need to carve out some time and mental space to get to work on a bigger boat.

With that, and with a scorching excitement about the future, we are sunsetting Filepalooza, so that we may focus on what comes next. Thank you to everyone who made Filepalooza! the success it was, and we will see you down the road on the campaign trail.

– Jon