Filepalooza! Washington State
May 14th – 18th

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the data submitted here?

We take your privacy very seriously — the short answer is, if you've requested a reminder, then we email you up to three times during Filing Week, to remind you to file your candidacy online. After that, all the submitted data turns into a pumpkin and it gets trashed in preparation for next year. We don't use this data for any other purpose. You can read more in our privacy policy.

In the run-up into Filing Week, we will pull from public data sources to show who has filed with other relevant agencies (e.g., the FEC for federal races, the local county auditors / SOS, as well as the PDC, for local and state offices, etc.) but we will never publish any personal data submitted directly to Filepalooza. Your privacy is very important to us.

That sounds exciting, but I'm not sure I'm qualified to run for office

Senator Bernie Sanders says it better than I possibly could:

What about compliance?

We are not campaign finance lawyers and do not offer anything that remotely looks like legal advice. But, for local and state campaigns, you will want to check out the PDC's published resources as well as their in-person trainings in Olympia.